Your Reflection (lunaticongrass) wrote,
Your Reflection

random updates

i decided not to go to the galla in the hamptons this year. I dont think i will be able to afford a car although i havent searched much. the apartment is kinda of concern to me. jenn comes home today. I'm tired of not feeling closer to friends although things with angie are good even though i still think shes a bit young at times. I am falling. Two pairs of my sis's friends are now engaged. i need to do more with my music. my stomach has been weak lately. I think i want to smoke. cigarette quitting is going good so far. i'm Kicking the habit so i can relearn to sing again, not for health. been working on my connections and i need to follow through. life has got me worried although i know i'll end up good in the end. i'm looking forward to school. I want to do a semester in england and hit up amsterdam and ireland. I made a cd mix for angie. I think she'l like it even though there are some saad tunes in it. i need to go shopping for the apartment and for clothes. I took a nap today but it want enough. the olympics are neccesary. i think i need to read more music industry books and needc to be more involved on campus but i feel the programs there fall short of an experience worth living.
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August 15 2004, 21:19:03 UTC 13 years ago

You have so many dreams and aspirations, I admire you so much for that! I know things will always work out in your favor, you just have to keep on pushing. I think you can do so much more than you believe you can. We have to hang out again before school starts because I havent't seen you too much! Hope to see you later this week and you better come visit me in bing!
Peace & Love, Salvia Sisiter (hehe)