Your Reflection (lunaticongrass) wrote,
Your Reflection

feeling groovy with my hawaiin cookie pochahontas

after making two mixes today, I ate food with kim and the rents. It was a delicious salad and steak. Dad worked overtime today. then angie came over tonight looking as hot as ever and we chilled at the house for a bit and hit up michael moore's documentary "faranheit 911" at Farmingdale. It was a good film.

Things with angie and I are great. stupid john was saying stuff on the phone when she was at work how scott is still with her but I know better and I trust her. We talked about relationships and our ideals and how we play into that in each other's lives. She sees it like I do. she's a great catch. And it feels good to be secure in that there's a POINT. I love her. we both enjoy the company and we make each other better people.
tomorrow i think i'm going to take angie's cat to the vet with her then off to home depot so I can start making some devil sticks and jacobs ladders.
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